Turn Possibilities Into Opportunities

Build new business models and unlock more revenue streams with expertly managed data systems

Insights That Expand Your Horizons

Push into new markets, maintain data integrity and security, and give your entire organization a single source of truth. Collabera’s data management solutions can help develop new revenue streams, shorten your time-to-decision and improve strategic outcomes across the board.

Manage - Even the most complex data flows

Organize hundreds of disparate streams of data on one platform that offers a single source of truth for all your decision-making needs

Maintain - A flawless record of business activity

Eliminate duplication and dummy data on a day-to-day basis and clean up both critical and auxiliary file systems

Master - The art of data-driven decision-making

Acquire key insights from your organization-wide data streams and make the decisions that drive innovation and disruption

Data Strategy & Architecture

Acquire new data models that will help you leverage new technology, connect with customers, refresh internal processes and much more.
  • Architect and deploy new technologies across every facet of your organization
  • Deploy high-performance managed data solutions that help reduce future data maintenance costs
  • Support your long-term IT needs and align your operations with cutting-edge data management practices

Data Insights

Collabera’s data engineering services can uncover thousands of relevant insights and deliver the right data, to the right stakeholders, at the right time.
  • Static and dynamic reports organized and distributed by role and level
  • Automated data extraction, ingestion and re-formatting
  • Pre-built solutions, contextual data enrichment and accelerators to shorten time-to-insights
  • Smart, interactive dashboards that can be customized for evolving business needs

Enterprise Data Management

Invest in cleaner, richer quickly accessible data that makes for stronger decisions and more accurate organizational assessments.
  • Clean up, de-duplicate and declutter your data streams to build a more accurate picture of organizational performance
  • Deploy a data management framework that addresses your unique needs & complexities
  • Best-in-class security protocols ensure your data is never leaked to 3rd parties or bad actors
  • Migrate from legacy systems to your target solution with no data loss and minimal downtime

Data Governance

Define how data is created, shared and analysed through the different layers of your organization to improve overall vision and core capabilities.
  • 100% compliance with security, quality and regulatory frameworks
  • Leverage quality data performance testing and capacity planning for current and future scaling
  • Implement low latency networking architecture for global, real-time data access

Big Data Analytics

Turn raw information to real insights with Collabera’s best-in-class big data solutions that unlock new possibilities and opportunities.
  • Customized big data strategy, big data maturity roadmap and reference architecture
  • Industry tailored frameworks for unique, domain-oriented perspectives
  • Advanced visualization tools that help users quickly process and apply business insights

A Look At Collabera In Action

See how Collabera works with leading enterprises to enable solutions that establish tangible outcomes on a global scale

Delivering actionable insights for a $1 billion software firm

A 25-year old software development firm was looking to assess their data architecture environment and extract insights from over 50000 records across prospects, partners and customers.


Creating the foundation for data-driven customer support

A Fortune 100 technology company, with diversified products, service offerings and subsidiaries spread across 100+ countries, lacked the intelligence infrastructure required to empower customer support teams with actionable insights.


Reengineering data management to drive business results

A consumer services company based out of California was struggling with multiple challenges that stemmed from unmanaged enterprise data.