End-To-End Optimization For Every Cloud Mix

Find the right application suites for your business needs and optimize for better business results.

Expect more from your migration

To stay competitive in a constantly evolving market, enterprises can no longer rely on yesterday’s systems and wholly on-premise solutions. But often, adding and optimizing new technologies to your existing landscape can severely disrupt your operations.

Collabera’s cloud services help you seamlessly transition from legacy to cloud platforms, while checking all the boxes for compliance, compatibility and infrastructure support.

100% compliance

Hit all your security, regulatory, technical and service benchmarks without stretching your resources.

Support for every platform

Best-in-class cloud solutions for AWS, Azure, ServiceNow, SalesCloud and OpenStack and over 15 years of implementation expertise.

Frameworks for your IT core

Do you need a total migration or just strategic modernization? Find out with the SMART approach to cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Services

Enjoy on-demand scale and centralized IT, while freeing up resources for business strategic functions.
  • Single-click centralized governance and bug-free virtualization lets you drive resources away from IT infrastructure and into better business results
  • Unify communications and enable richer collaboration across your entire organization
  • Deploy NOC-based operations and integrated system architecture that make it easy to maintain and support your infrastructure

DevOps Automation

Orchestrate development, integration and deployment in multi-cloud environments and quickly deliver solutions that are designed for increasing customer expectations.
  • Automated environments for 360-degree, multi-device and multi-platform testing
  • Continuous configuration and integration automation for at-pace optimization
  • Get your solution to market ahead of the competition, with drastically accelerated development cycles

Cloud Migration

Unlock your capital via public, private or hybrid cloud models - discover which works best for your business outcomes.
  • Hybrid, public and private cloud migration models that help you get the most from IT change
  • Elite workload migration, testing and validation protocols for zero downtime
  • Upgrade productivity and performance, without adding complexity or security flaws to your organizational framework

Infrastructure Support

Collabera’s infrastructure management services include support for all devices and platforms, with a focus on reducing IT dependency.
  • Give all your attention to core business areas, while we drive down costs via optimized infrastructure
  • Task your IT teams with an innovation-first approach, while we handle the humdrum of troubleshooting and service requests
  • Remove legacy systems and bloatware from your application portfolio, while empowering all stakeholders with dedicated service and help desks

IaaS, Paas & SaaS

Build a more agile, powerful organization using Collabera’s advanced suite of cloud services that delivers scale without the cost of ownership.
  • Advisory sessions that help you understand and assess your IT landscape and establish an optimized cloud strategy
  • Transform your organization with error-free AWS, Azure, OpenStack and SalesCloud migration
  • Set up the right tools to ensure all the right business outcomes including automation frameworks and monitoring mechanisms

Services That Let You #ExpectMore

ServiceNow migration
made easy

Create immersive and collaborative virtual workspaces that span the globe, and explore new technology and process paradigms with ServiceNow
  • Cloud-based data integration tools assimilate disparate data from different geographies with zero duplication
  • Low-latency solutions, automation roadmaps and user-friendly UIs for ServiceNow implementation and data integration at pace
  • Bi-directional syncing ensures that your data is always updated and mapped correctly

A Look At Collabera In Action

See how Collabera works with leading enterprises to enable solutions that establish tangible outcomes on a global scale

Improving customer experience with better service delivery

An American multinational technology conglomerate needed a comprehensive incident management system to streamline day-to-day operations.


Healthcare firm boosts customer base with ServiceNow

A $60-billion consumer healthcare firm overcame the challenges of aging technology, evolving applications and increased data integrity requirements with an automation-based solution.


Augmenting Service Desk Operations With JUMP

Using the JUMP platform, a global services conglomerate eliminated high attrition rates and a constant need to backfill service desk positions.


Auditing giant enhances service support

A global auditing firm looked to boost the efficiency of their support services via an outsourced solution.