From Legacy To Limitless

Invest capital toward creating more business value and creating modern experiences for customers and partners

Do More With Less

Legacy systems can be expensive to maintain, and offer fewer opportunities for innovation. Collabera helps you renew and rebuild your application portfolio, creating more business value while spending less on IT support.

  • Extend the life of your existing applications
  • Trim the fat from your operations and redesign non-performing systems
  • Move your legacy solutions to faster, more flexible platforms

Assessment & Planning

Does your entire IT portfolio need to be upgraded? What tangible outcomes will modernization offer? Which applications should migrate to the cloud? Let Collabera’s Enterprise Architecture specialists answer your most pressing questions, and build a modernization plan that aligns with your long and short term business goals.

Application & Data Migration

Enable your application portfolio with richer functionality and flexibility. The Collabera approach to application & data migration ensures that your operations face zero disruption, while accelerating your shift to the cloud.

Application Transformation

Attract and engage new customers, meet increasingly rigid compliance standards and empower your workforce with a productivity upgrade. Collabera works with stakeholders in your organization to establish new competitive advantages via automation and enhanced application functionality.

Business & Application Integration

Partner with Collabera to map your business needs to your technology landscape. We specialize in helping enterprises build a planned integration strategy that connects processes, streamlines data flows and ensures sustainable ROI from all your technology investments.

Re-Architecting & Re-Engineering

Rapidly retool your legacy applications and move them to contemporary platforms that offer improved flexibility, sustained ROI and upgraded architecture.

Management consulting firm rapidly scales product development

A consulting firm with over $700 million in revenue, faced challenges in scaling their development operations to meet tight release deadlines

Cloud Provider expands open source integration

With over $600 billion under brokerage, this US-based financial major needed to upgrade their development infrastructure and streamline their testing operations.

  • Reduced cost of deployment and security maintenance
  • Streamlined testing approach that drastically cut down testing effort for future releases
  • Implemented workflow management protocols that address workflows across the DevOps lifecycle
  • Enabled multi-platform support to increase the size of the client’s potential market

Technology giant enhances productivity & collaboration

A multinational technology company needed to improve collaboration and reduce their time-to-market.